Density Meter with Peristaltic Pump Sample Delivery

Rudolphs DDM 2911 Density Meter combined with a Peristaltic Pump sample delivery system.

Advantages of delivering sample to a Density Meter with a Peristaltic Pump:

* Fast cycle time and easy sample loads are perfect for high throughput labs.
* Minimizes sample size.
* Utilizing a Peristaltic Pump sample liquid is contained in the tubing and there is no risk of contamination that could occur if the sample was delivered through a conventional pump.
* The pump itself is also isolated from the sample thus the pump is not exposed to damage from the sample.
* The Peristaltic Pump is self-priming and can draw fluid from a dry start.
* Due to the gentle action of the Peristaltic Pump the sample is not agitated or aerated which would potentially affect measurement accuracy.
* Instrument Clean-up issues are reduced as the sample liquid is only held in the tubes and never enters a traditional pump with diaphragms, vanes, or seals.
* Flushing with a solvent is simple and can be performed quickly on the go.
* Peristaltic Pumps are non-siphoning thus back-flow is prevented - Sample flow is only in one direction reducing contamination of subsequent samples.

Beverage Industry, Chemical, Petroleum, Alcoholic Beverages.

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