Refractometer Load-and-Go Measurements

High Accuracy with Load and Go speed and convenience.
The J457 Refractometer is one of the most highly accurate Laboratory Refractometers in the market place and offers nearly any conceivable feature a lab may need. You can change many variables for measurements in full screen mode such as temperature to measure any sample, based on any criteria you may want.
Yet for many routine measurements the lab or production user may want the speed and convenience of loading a sample and quickly receiving a measurement. The J457 can provide measurements without even pressing a button.

For your everyday or routine measurements you can request or have the Rudolph J457 refractometer set-up with a "Load and Go" measurement Method. This is essentially a pre-set for temperature control, and any other measurement parameters you may wish included. Once configured you may simply load your samples, the instrument will use your pre-set criteria, automatically detect the sample, determine sample load quality, stabilize, and once the live measurement turns color you have your measurement.

A "Load and Go" Method can be configured for any of your routine samples that are in the same sample category. One Method for each.
While the J457 is one of the most advanced and capable Refractometers available today unnecessary complexity can be completely eliminated for most of your routine measurements.

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